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pH values...

...crafted prose

As a wordsmith in a numbers game, I bring to life complex and, frankly, baffling concepts for a knowledgeable but not technically expert audience.

Make sure what you want to say chimes with your market or membership. Communicating with clarity, confidence and character makes your business stand out.

21st C content

Gone (or going) are the days of house-brick-sized pension bumph and barely translated spread sheet data.

Sharing your expertise, updates and experience with your audience by content marketing is 21st century communication tailored for impact.

Crisp, convincing and readable updates, latest news and views bring you closer to your target market.

Managing and measuring engagement and interest means you can see, tweak and act on the traction you are creating to build your brand and proposition.


pr impact

Public and media relations to support marketing

I can plan, manage and carry out these key activities for you across the pensions,investment and financial services spectrum; from concept and design to content, delivery and impact. 

...Mr Flexible

Fitting in to suit your business

I’ve worked in interim, part-time and campaign-specific roles, ranging from business-as-usual to crisis communication. Think of me as an instant in-house resource, able to integrate swiftly and deliver effectively as part of a team or a solo specialist.

AI, SEO. And you.

NB: AI, SEO. And me.

Everyone can share their insights online but will they land effectively with your readership? If robo-copy were the answer, would you entrust C3-PO to write it? As it is, I can over-C3-PO (sorry) your SEO and AI text generation to strengthen what I still think is our most treasured connection: the personal touch.

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